Ivan Lokhov

Hi! I am a web developer based in Berlin focusing on front end engineering and data visualisation. Currently working at Datawrapper.


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Antarctic stations map Antarctic stations map An interactive map of stations in Antarctica made with Svelte and D3.js Terminal visualisation Visualising how I use the Terminal A treemap made with D3.js showing how often I use different Terminal commands Facebook visualisation Visualising my 10 years on Facebook A series of charts made with D3.js showing how my Facebook use has changed over 10 years. Aphex Twin visualisation Aphex Twin visualisation A visualisation implemented using D3.js comparing average loudness and tempo of tracks from 6 Aphex Twin albums. EU referendum visualisation EU referendum visualisation A scatter plot implemented using D3.js showing the percentage of EU referendum leave votes against the percentage of non-UK born residents in different areas of the UK. CSS color playground CSS color playground An online color tool demo showcasing a clean user interface. Implemented using pure JavaScript without relying on libraries such as jQuery for manipulating the DOM.



hello at ivanlokhov dot com