Ivan Lokhov

Web developer
Hi! I am a web developer focusing on front end engineering. Working at PANORAMA3000 during the day, I dabble in various side projects in my spare time. I am interested in visualising data, the ins and outs of JavaScript and past, present and future of design on the web as well as in the physical world.


Facebook visualisation Visualising my 10 years on Facebook A series of charts made with D3.js showing how my Facebook use has changed over 10 years. Aphex Twin visualisation Aphex Twin visualisation A visualisation implemented using D3.js comparing average loudness and tempo of tracks from 6 Aphex Twin albums. EU referendum visualisation EU referendum visualisation A scatter plot implemented using D3.js showing the percentage of EU referendum leave votes against the percentage of non-UK born residents in different areas of the UK. CSS color playground CSS color playground An online color tool demo showcasing a clean user interface. Implemented using pure JavaScript without relying on libraries such as jQuery for manipulating the DOM. Chop & Chill Chop & Chill A WordPress blog devoted to gluten-free food.



hello at ivanlokhov dot com